ST Members Can Join a Schoolhouse

Elevate your homeschooling experience by joining a local Church Schoolhouse, a dynamic segment of the expanding Network. These homeschool co-ops, which meet in local churches, leverage each family’s membership of as their foundational curriculum, fostering a unified learning environment. This approach eliminates the need for multiple textbooks per course because all the necessary resources, including World Book and over 25,000 streaming videos, are already encompassed within each family’s existing membership. Parents select and teach courses at the Schoolhouse using the curriculum and record-keeping tools on the central platform, ensuring consistency and collaboration within the community. Students and parents attend classes in person equipped with relevant materials, cultivating a shared, supportive educational experience.

To initiate or become part of a Church Schoolhouse, visit If you are considering introducing this model to your local church, thereby starting a Schoolhouse there, direct your pastor to

As an existing member of the Schoolhouse Network, you’ll enjoy complimentary access to local Schoolhouses. While there are no standard fees for class participation, nominal supply fees for specific courses or labs may be applied at the discretion of participating parents and directors at the given location (optional). Any costs for field trips and other group activities are separate, of course, but the wealth of curriculum and educational tools remains fully accessible to every family.

This model ensures you have the resources to engage in and instruct numerous (unlimited!) classes with ease, supported by a consistent, central set of plug-and-play materials readily available on the platform. Everyone is on the same page, working together!

Why a Network? Why settle for just one Schoolhouse when you can access a whole passel of them? And no, there are no enrollment fees! Welcome to the exhilarating world of the Schoolhouse Network, where East Tennessee leads the way with four vibrant Church Schoolhouses currently in operation, each offering its unique flair of educational fun! Different sets of Mamas and children to make friends with, building new, lasting relationships across several Church Schoolhouses your family attends!

As a proud member of, you’re not just part of a community; you’re automatically part of the dynamic, ever-expanding Network. This means you have the exciting opportunity to access ANY and ALL Schoolhouses in your area, space permitting. Think of all the different classes your kids can join for no extra charge. Imagine the possibilities!

Let’s paint a picture of your adventurous week: It’s Monday, and you’re off to a Church Schoolhouse where your high schooler is mastering the art of driving in the Driver’s Ed class. Tuesday rolls around, and you’re zipping across town to another Schoolhouse for a day of Forensic Science, Middle School Chemistry, and Drama classes, perfect for your 9th grader’s curious mind and social butterfly personality.

And the schedule doesn’t stop there! On Fridays, the journey takes you and your youngest kids to the Schoolhouse in an adjacent city, to a world of culinary delights (Home Ec), geometric puzzles (Geometry), and energizing physical education (PE)! Not to mention, this particular Schoolhouse has a full preschool program you can take part in with your four-year-old while the older kids are baking, doing their math, and running around with the other kids. This is where learning meets fun + flexibility in ways you never imagined. Your scheduling options become endless.

This is the essence of the Schoolhouse Network. It’s not just about education; it’s about variety, exploration, and connecting with like-minded families. It’s a collaboration with pastors/church leaders, parents, and students that brings with it a whole new dimension to homeschooling, tailored for the adventurous, the curious, and the lifelong learners.

Find a Schoolhouse in your area. If you’re an active member of, there are no enrollment fees.