Featured Lesson Designer

To tell you about our first featured lesson designer, I need to take you all the way back to the beginning of the site. It was March 2012, the first month SchoolhouseTeachers.com was live. A team of volunteer writers was being assembled behind the scenes who would create content for the site. The first person I met on this team, after my manager, was a writer named Rachel Ann Rogish. We had been paired to work together on an art appreciation project called Everyday Easels. I worked together with Rachel on more than 75 units of Everyday Easels until we finally wrapped up the project in May 2014. Many other writers worked on the units as well, some of whom you’ll get to meet later!

Everyday Easels wasn’t the only project Rachel worked on as part of our Schoolhouse Writers team (which was then called the Star Contributors). She also helped write numerous stories and segments of This Day in History. She is also the lead writer for both Simply Shakespeare and In the Limelight, two classes designed to help students (even if they are an only child) enjoy drama by becoming fully immersed in it. She weaves stories of history as well as Biblical truth throughout all she writes.

Speaking of what she writes, she is also working on an historical novel called Immanuel’s Veins, a book I can’t wait to see in print someday! You can learn more about Rachel and follow her writing journey on Facebook at www.facebook.com/seagypsyrachelann.

If you’d like more information about designing lessons for our site, please email me at bhudson@theoldschoolhouse.com.

Bonnie Rose Hudson
Executive Editor