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2/28/17: We have THREE new classes to share with you today! You can find Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy, Fun with Memorization, and an Understanding Fractions Workshop now on the Quick Links page!

1/30/17: Check out the newest course, Stretching Higher with Third Grade Math today!

1/10/17: We’ve added FOUR new classes for you today! Check out Biblical Greek Level 1, Help Me Get Organized, Help Me Stay the Course, and Help Me Teach My Child to Write. Find all the links on the Quick Links page.

12/17/16: has unveiled a brand new site design, with more resources for you than ever before! Take a look around!

12/12/16: Two more classes have been added for you today! Check out the new video series for preschool, Charlie Church Mouse Talks About God and His World, as well as a series of articles for parents struggling with the choices of their children, When Things Don’t Go As Planned. You can find the links on the Quick Links page.

11/22/16: Our Scope and Sequence resource has been completely updated to reflect all the new classes we’ve added this fall. If you’re not sure what to teach when or where to find it on, check out this extremely helpful tool!

11/17/16: We just added TEN new classes for you! Come check out So You Want to Be a Pastor, Teaching Your Children Financial Stewardship, American Literature, All About Maps, Building Faithful Kids, Missional Living and Discipleship, Basics of the Christian Faith, Dealing with Emotions, Addressing Cultural Issues, and Building Faithful Marriages. All the links are on the Quick Links page.

11/9/16: I’m excited to share our brand new Fall and Thanksgiving Resource Center that we’ve just added to your membership! Check it out!

11/7/16: Announcing FOUR more new classes today! Check out Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar (a video series for kids), Learning About Art, A Different Kind of Bible Study (hint: it involves bugs), and Introduction to Theology, Part Two: Soteriology. Plus, you can check out the new Advent Art unit just added to the Elementary Art class. All the links are on the Quick Links page.

Upcoming Classes:

  • We are ALWAYS working on new classes. If there’s a class you need that you don’t see on the site, please send us a note and ask if it’s coming soon. If you have a class suggestion, or if you or someone you know would be interested in designing lessons for our site in exchange for a free site membership for your family (and free advertising when applicable), please let us know! You can reach us at for more information.

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