David Kimball

Lesson Designer

David Kimball is an actively involved homeschool Dad with his wife and four children in central California. He has a passion to make the complicated simple, teaching computer and business skills both locally and online.

In addition, David has written extensively on family finances at his Household Budget Made Easy website. His goal is to help families become financially free so Dads are able to spend more stress free time with their children, homeschooling and mentoring them to be godly, responsible men and women.


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Courses by David

Keyboarding is an elective course to help your student make their time spent at the keyboard more efficient and productive. This course is taught using audio, video, and written instruction. The intent is for your student’s typing speed and accuracy to increase in order that the typing portion of their daily work, whether it is school work or a job, is an enjoyable, efficient experience. The lessons are best followed in consecutive order as they build on each other throughout the course.

Business Plan Creation: This course is designed to enable young entrepreneurs to create thorough, accurate, and complete business plans. It is an in-depth course designed to be taken at the student’s own pace. Printable and video instruction are included, as well as a number of supplemental resources. After completing all requirements of this course, it will earn the student 0.5 high school credit.

Money 101 is a self-paced course designed to help teenagers understand the principles behind wise financial decisions so they can build a foundation now that will serve them and their families in the future. It consists of audio lectures and written printables.