Money 101 -

Money 101

Length:  7 units
Content-type: Audio-based
Age/Grade: 7th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Money 101 is a self-paced course designed to help teenagers understand the principles behind wise financial decisions so they can build a foundation now that will serve them and their families in the future. It consists of audio lectures and written printables.

Course Introduction

Do you know what you need to know to manage your money well? 

Money 101, Seminars in Personal Finances will answer that question and help you get a jumpstart on learning sound money principles. I’ll share guidelines and practical wisdom to make the seemingly complicated world of money simple to understand.

Here, in one place, is your accessible introduction to the eight disciplines that everyone—teenagers and adults alike—needs: making money, savings, debt, budgeting, checkbooks, cars, paying for college, and investing.

Master these disciplines now to get on track financially and not stumble into many of the financial pitfalls that so often lead to a life of debt, stress, frustration, and financial bondage.

There are 23 audio lessons in seminar format plus bonus interviews and motivational snippets, all complete with an accompanying workbook of questions to answer and projects to complete for a thorough understanding of your financial world. 

Money 101, Seminars in Personal Finances is presented in an easy-to-understand format, comprising an all-in-one introduction to the sound money skills you need to succeed.

There may be a bit of effort needed on your part, to be sure, but it will be well worth it to internalize these good money skills now instead of learning them the hard way later.

The opportunity is yours for the taking by getting started now with Money 101, Seminars in Personal Finances.

Weekly audio seminars with occasional downloadable printables.

  • Unit One: Getting Started
  • Unit Two: Making Money
  • Unit Three: Savings and Debt
  • Unit Four: Budgeting
  • Unit Five: Checkbooks and Cars
  • Unit Six: Paying for College
  • Unit Seven: Investing

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