Personal Finance in Bite-Size Chunks -

Personal Finance in Bite-Size Chunks

Length: 21 bite-sized lessons
Includes: Printable lessons
Age/Grade: 7th – 12th Grades
Print a Certificate of Completion

How to Use This Course

Financial literacy is a subject we all know is important but most of us aren’t comfortable teaching. Personal Finance in Bite-Size Chunks was created to change that. The entire course is created to help parents and teachers explore these topics with their teens so they can start to build a solid foundation for their finances that will serve them throughout the rest of their lives.

Course Introduction

I WANT a Ferrari.

I WANT a big house.

I WANT to be a millionaire.

I WANT the latest Nike sneakers.

I WANT the latest smartphone.


I NEED transportation.

I NEED somewhere to sleep.

I NEED enough money to eat.

I NEED some shoes.

I NEED to be able to communicate with other people.

There is a huge difference between what you WANT and what you actually NEED. This course on financial literacy starts by examining needs and wants and then looks at opportunity cost, comparison shopping, saving, balancing a checkbook, understanding your paycheck, and much more.

  • Lesson One: Needs and Wants
  • Lesson Two: Opportunity Cost
  • Lesson Three: Comparison Shopping
  • Lesson Four: Making Change
  • Lesson Five: Rounding and Adding
  • Lesson Six: Can I Have a Job?
  • Lesson Seven: Paycheck
  • Lesson Eight: Earning to Spending
  • Lesson Nine: Budgets
  • Lesson Ten: Cash Flow
  • Lesson Eleven: Balancing a Checkbook
  • Lesson Twelve: Savings
  • Lesson Thirteen: Taxation
  • Lesson Fourteen: Sales Tax
  • Lesson Fifteen: APR and Monthly Rates
  • Lesson Sixteen: Credit Score
  • Lesson Seventeen: Exchange Rates
  • Lesson Eighteen: Inflation
  • Lesson Nineteen: Knuckles and Months
  • Lesson Twenty: Car Ownership
  • Lesson Twenty-One: Avoiding Scams

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