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Length: 20+ Units
Includes: Weekly or Monthly Units
Age/Grade: Family

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How to Use This Course

The Homesteading course presented on is targeted to everyone who has a desire to live more independently and prepare much of what is needed each day using their own hands. In this course, the student can learn how to work for what they want, by making it themselves, instead of living as an “on demand” society. Students learn patience, along with the skills needed to make their own cleaners for the home, their own sunscreen, homemade ketchup, and more. Learning the patience and usefulness of “doing it yourself” can be immensely helpful not only in the sense of living a healthier life, but also for the budget! You can live more simply by learning what many generations of people have known, but the current generation seems to have forgotten —live simply, make do with the basics, and take an active part in gaining the benefits for yourself, your family, and the world God has given us by having less chemicals in your home. Choose the lessons that are of the most interest to the student taking this course, as all lessons stand independently.

Course Introduction

I’m Lisa Barthuly, and I’ll be your teacher for this course. We have many units planned. Our Homesteading course will focus on a wide range of subjects with a long-term goal of learning new but “old” skills—utilizing the blessings of the times we live in!

So many basic skills of self-reliance, “DIY,” and just plain common sense and skill have passed so many by. Past generations were brought up learning a lot of these things, work that was just part of living out each day for them. Too often these days, we think we’ve outgrown and don’t need these skills any longer. Let’s not let these skills pass us by, let us learn and pass them on to the next generation. Let us live a life that is focused on the work of our hands: simple, honest skills and knowledge for living each day together and serving one another. Preserving the past, for the future.

In each lesson, we’ll focus on learning a new skill. I pray that you will find these lessons informative and that they will bless you and your family. The class can be taught to your children or students, but you may find it the greater blessing to study the material together, either as a family or one parent with an eager student.

Here is some of the material I’m lining up for lessons:

Canning Pantry—all things pantry, including how to create your own “home store” within your pantry

Laundry—make your own products, line dry, etc. Using Essential Oils (make hand sanitizer, blending oils for headache, home remedies, etc.) Home Remedies Medicine Cabinet Herbal Preparations Gardening

Candle Dipping/Making Dairying—make cream cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, butter, and more

Basic Projects—such as making a heating pad, sachets Caring for livestock Build your own outhouse! Gun care, cleaning, and safety Knife care/sharpening

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