Fun with Cooking -

Fun with Cooking

Length: 28 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 2nd – 6th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Fun with Cooking is an exciting look at cooking basics with an emphasis on nutrition, food safety, and variety. Many lessons include a design component to help sharpen critical thinking skills. Numerous recipes are included.

Course Introduction

Fun with Cooking starts on an introductory level and gradually moves into techniques such as kneading bread dough and various chopping methods. Food safety and nutrition are stressed, but all lessons should only be done under the supervision of a parent. Foods and ingredients from around the world are explored, and students will make dips, salads, bread, salsa, tomato dishes, ethnic dishes, and more.

Unit 1: Dip and Dippers

  • Lesson 1: Evaluation Dips
  • Lesson 2: Exploring Dips and Dippers
  • Lesson 3: Food Groups
  • Lesson 4: Food Safety and Hygiene
  • Lesson 5: Designing a Dip and Dipper
  • Lesson 6: Making and Evaluating Your Dip and Dipper

Unit 2: Sensational Salads

  • Lesson 1: Where Our Food Comes From (Above or Beneath the Ground)
  • Lesson 2: Preparing Root Vegetable Salads
  • Lesson 3: Fish Facts
  • Lesson 4: Making a Fish Salad 
  • Lesson 5: Fabulous Fruit Salad

Unit 3: Edible Garden

  • Lesson 1: Naming and Growing Herbs
  • Lesson 2: Pesto and Pasta
  • Lesson 3: Sweet Strawberries
  • Lesson 4: Strawberry Smoothies
  • Lesson 5: Tasting and Growing Tomatoes
  • Lesson 6: Cooking with Tomatoes

Unit 4: The Great Bread Bake Off

  • Lesson 1: Warburtons and Market Research
  • Lesson 2: Design Criteria and Shaping Rolls
  • Lesson 3: Initial Designs
  • Lesson 4: Final Designs
  • Lesson 5: Making and Evaluating Bread

Unit 5: Global Foods

  • Lesson 1: Where Ingredients Come From
  • Lesson 2: Food Groups and Foods Around the World
  • Lesson 3: A Cup of Rice
  • Lesson 4: Mexican Food
  • Lesson 5: Chinese Food
  • Lesson 6: German Food


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