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College Choice Guidance

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Age/Grade: 9th – 12th Grades, Parents
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How to Use This Course

Andy Erickson, president of CollegeTicket and a homeschool father of three, is presenting a class through to help you help your high school student choose a college and earn scholarships to help them along their chosen career path. Andy knows what he is talking about; his youngest just went to college with offers from Villanova and Wofford among others, with over $400,000 in scholarships. In this class, the student and family will explore topics such as choosing a college, financial aid and key deadlines, taking the SAT and ACT, and finding and exploring their options. The best time to start this course is when your student is a freshman in high school, but even as a junior it is not too late, there will just be a little more hustling to get everything done in time. This course is best taken according to the month you are starting the lessons, as that will help you and your student to know what is required in that month. If you are unsure of where to start this course, please email Customer Service.

Course Introduction

Getting into great colleges with scholarships isn’t rocket science, but it does take some hard work and knowing what to do to differentiate yourself from the other 3,000,000 students applying for college each year. Most students won’t go through the effort to figure out what to do, and in the public and private schools, the guidance counselors aren’t much help. The student-to-guidance counselor ratio averages 470:1, and the average high school student gets about an hour with a counselor as they put their college application together. There isn’t any opportunity to get strategic and tactical planning advice to help these students really stand out.

You have an opportunity to take advantage of these dynamics as I help you act as your child’s guidance counselor. I’ll walk you through the process of planning and creating an exceptional college application. In addition to the four-year student planning guide that you can walk through at your own pace, I’ll be providing guidance twice a month to explain the process and point you to the resources you’ll need to be aware of to create a compelling application.

Ideally, you’ll start working with this information during your child’s freshman year to create the strongest application. If your child is a sophomore or junior, it’s certainly not too late, but juniors especially will have some scrambling to do to plug any gaps.

I’ve also developed a platform called CollegeTicket that provides families with all the tools they need to support this process. Please don’t feel any pressure to purchase CollegeTicket. I’ll help you do this without the tools. In the lessons I will point out where CollegeTicket will help you with the process if you do choose to use it.

Personally, I’m a home school father of three daughters. We’ve home schooled from pre-K through the high school senior year. My oldest was accepted to Villanova and Wofford with $400,000 in scholarships. You’ll find me and CollegeTicket at some of the regional home school conventions. Please stop by and say hello.

And in the spirit of James, I urge you to not simply read through the lessons and walk away without doing anything. Do what I’m directing students and parents to do. If you do, and your child is a good student, you will figure out the best-fit colleges for them and quite possibly earn substantial scholarship money along the way.

Welcome! I look forward to working with you and hearing your success stories. You can reach me at Feel free to send me your success stories, feedback, or questions I may be able to address in future lessons.

This course is designed to take students and their parents through four years of preparation.

Bi-monthly lessons walk high school students and their parents through the process of choosing a college, applying for financial aid, and attending college. Material for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and parents is provided.

October Weeks Three and Four

  • Freshman: College Visits over Winter Break
  • Sophomore: College Visits over Winter Break
  • Junior: College Visits over Winter Break
  • Senior: Early Action Deadlines

November Weeks One and Two

  • Freshman: High School Class Planning
  • Sophomore: Internships, Networking, and Experience
  • Junior: SAT and ACT Planning
  • Senior: Essays, Scholarships, and Deadlines

November Weeks Three and Four

  • Freshman: College Research Over The Holiday Break
  • Sophomore: College Research Over The Holiday Break
  • Junior: Take Advantage of the Season: Volunteering and Internships
  • Senior: Financial Aid: You Have To Plan For Stuff Now

December Weeks One and Two

  • Freshman: College Research Over the Winter Break
  • Sophomore: When Getting Junk Mail Is A Good Thing
  • Junior: ACT / SAT, Academics, and College Visits
  • Senior: Expect Early Decisions Soon

December Weeks Three and Four

  • Freshman: How to start the college search
  • Sophomore: How to start the college sear
  • Junior: Shoring Up Your Profile with Recommendations and Leadership Skills
  • Senior: Waiting for Decisions

January Weeks One and Two

  • Freshman: Getting Set Up for College Admission: Curriculum Planning
  • Sophomore: Midyear Plan Review and Course Corrections
  • Junior: College Fairs and Getting on Their Radar
  • Senior: You Have One Job Today: FAFSA

January Weeks Three and Four

  • Freshman: How to Get Around the College Websites-Academic Information
  • Sophomore: How to Get Around the College Websites—Academic Information
  • Junior: Schedule Your Spring ACT or SAT
  • Senior: Typing Up Some Loose Ends

February Weeks One and Two

  • Freshman: Getting Recommendation Letters
  • Sophomore: Navigating the College Fair
  • Junior: Navigating the College Fair; AP Test Loose Ends
  • Senior: Final Financial Aid Details; AP Exams

February Weeks Three and Four

  • Freshman: Getting Recommendation Letters
  • Sophomore: Which Colleges to Put on Your Shortlist
  • Junior: Gearing Up for the College Application
  • Senior: National Merit Scholarships and Freshman Housing

March Weeks One and Two

  • Freshman: What is This Reading List All About
  • Sophomore: AP Exams and Summer Plans
  • Junior: College Visits and Summer Plans
  • Senior: Remaining AP Tests, Vetting College Acceptances

March Weeks Three and Four

  • Freshman: The PSAT and Awesome Scholarships
  • Sophomore: The Right Colleges for You
  • Junior: Getting Great Recommendation Letters
  • Senior: Thinking About College Cost

April Weeks One through Four

  • Freshman: Summer Plans/Your Shortlist Colleges
  • Sophomore: Summer Plans/Recommendation Letters
  • Junior: Your Last Chance to Make a Huge Difference
  • Senior: Where Are You Going to School?

May Weeks One through Four

  • Freshman: Summer Plans/Your Shortlist Colleges
  • Sophomore: Getting Ready for the SAT and ACT
  • Junior: College Visits and ACT/SAT Prep
  • Senior: Get Your Final Grades In

June Weeks One and Two

  • Freshman: Curriculum Planning and Updating Your Profile
  • Sophomore: Scholarships! Should You Target the PSAT?
  • Junior: Narrowing Your Choices
  • Senior: You Will Underestimate Your Spending

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