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Do you have a student who enjoys the theater? One who enjoys going to see plays and musicals? Perhaps, he or she dreams of being on stage one day performing the great works. Maybe your student aspires to being able to persuade and inform his or her peers . . . or anyone who will listen. Our drama and speech courses guide students from the beginning and develop their abilities so that they can share their God-given talents with their family, their neighbors, their community, and the world.

Please use the key below to see what components a class includes. Please note: the class will contain a combination of the components listed.

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Speaking in front of people is one of the most common and most paralyzing fears. Help your kids learn to overcome their fear by incorporating drama and speech classes into your homeschool day. With materials for all ages, we can help you get your little ones comfortable with speaking or help your teens polish their presentation skills. Here are a few spotlighted courses to get you started! Check out all the available courses below.

Did you know that using Reader's Theater scripts regularly can improve reading fluency, auditory comprehension, articulation, social language skills, and vocal/physical expression? Find more than 70 short elementary-level scripts as part of the Reader's Theater course.

How can you engage your audience while delivering a speech? What are some ways to calm the jitters before speaking in front of a group? These questions and more can be answered when you study Advanced Public Speaking. Evaluate some famous speeches, give an oral interpretation, and practice the art of persuasion as well! Learn the "extras" that will leave a lasting impression on your audience!

How to Write and Produce a Play is a ten-month class that teaches families how to write and produce a community play! From small living room productions to a cast of many, Dr. Marci Hanks will help your students understand the components of playwriting and production and help you choose the size that is right for you!

Rachel Ann Rogish and Sharla Orren bring drama to your homeschool with more than a dozen classic plays in Simply Shakespeare. This drama elective studies the works and world of Shakespeare alongside the Biblical truths that can be learned from each play. Units are organized by play or topic.

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