Public Speaking (Introduction) -

Public Speaking (Introduction)

Length:  5 monthly lessons
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 8th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Public speaking is presented along with informative websites and activities that include writing and performing. The topics your student covers include impromptu speaking, expository speech, informative and current events speeches, interpretative speech, and how to write a memorable speech. It is best to work through these lessons in sequential order as they build on each other to assist the student in learning the skills needed to do well in public speaking and become more confident. After completing all requirements of this five-month course, it will earn the student 0.5 high school credit.

Course Introduction

This five-month class will study both speech and forensics. We’ll learn about impromptu speaking, expository speech, informative and current event speeches, interpretative speech, and how to write a memorable speech. My goal is to help you grow as a researcher, performer, and speaker through this class through learning valuable skills, real-life experience, and exercises to build your confidence.

Don’t let what you don’t do well define you. Dive in and be ready to be amazed!

Don’t Define Yourself By What You Don’t Do Well
Impromptu Speaking
Style, Substance, and Impact
Introductory Speech
Sales Pitch
Expository Speech – Parts 1 and 2
Expository Speech – Part 3
Informative Speech
Current Event Speech
Interpretative Speech
Interpretative Speech Part 2
Interpretative Speech Part 3
Anatomy of a Memorable Speech
Writing a Persuasive Speech
Persuasive Speech


If all assignments are faithfully completed after five months of this course, it is worth 0.5 high school credit.

– Rebekah Bell

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