High School Help

Homeschooling through high school can be the very BEST years of your homeschooling journey. Be encouraged that you are able to guide your kids through the challenging teen years, help them wrestle with important issues, enjoy fascinating discussions with them, and prepare them for adult life. These can be some of the richest, most rewarding days a homeschooling parent can experience, so don’t be intimidated by high school.

Our high school resources are here to help you and your student as you chart this new territory and to provide guidance as your child begins to look to the future, whether that includes college or career. A long list of high school courses in all subject areas, including many exciting electives, is available. Academic weighting information is available for most courses. While SchoolhouseTeachers.com is not a school and, therefore, cannot provide any accreditationcredit can be awarded by the parent based on the amount of time spent and work accomplished in each course. As always, be sure you are familiar with your own state laws and requirements, and keep good records.

You will find help for creating transcripts, taking the SAT and ACT, finding scholarships, and so much more. Together we can make the high school years great for you and your students, and what a fantastic achievement it will be.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more about the resources available to help with high school.

E-Books from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

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Academic Weighting for Transcripts: Use this page to find classes that help your students meet their graduation requirements and strengthen their transcript records.

The Applecore Recordkeeping System provides a Course Tracker, grade reporting, report cards, attendance records, and assistance with portfolios.

Our College Help resources includes dozens of resources, ideas, and suggestions to help both parents and students as they prepare for college and beyond.

 Our Scope & Sequence resource will show you the academic goals traditionally held for each grade level and where to find that information on SchoolhouseTeachers.com as well as areas where you may wish to supplement.

Visit our Career Center. Enjoy this quick-reference guide to help you see which courses on the site can help you reach your career goals.

Career ExplorationTeens can discover career paths or college majors they may be interested in. This course can help teens explore career possibilities and discover talents and interests they may not realize they possess.

Starting a Micro-Business for Teens: Teens can learn about the world of micro businesses—what they are and what they can learn from starting one, and how to set up and run a successful small business.

What’s Next: Discovering God’s Will for Your Life: Searching for your next step in life can be exciting yet overwhelming, intriguing yet stressful, adventurous yet painful. With this class, teens can learn about finding God’s will for their life.

High School and College Prep Printouts

Our free printable worksheets will help you plan for future events, keep track of scholarships, create a transcript, prepare for college, calculate a GPA, and more. There are plenty of planners and checklists to choose from. Please share our charts with your friends! Click here to find more free high school and college prep printouts.

Packed with 400 pages of easy-to-navigate organizational and educational content, The Old Schoolhouse® 2019-20 High School Schoolhouse Planner is the only organizational tool your teen may ever need to develop skills that will last a lifetime!  Best of all, it is written directly to your teen!

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Fully customizable calendars, lists, schedules, and planning pages
  • Guides for plotting a high school course of study
  • Articles like “THE TEST OF TEN: How You Can Know You’re Choosing Wisely and Living Rightly,” “More Than Just Academics,” and “So You Want to Change the World?” to equip and empower your student for living beyond the homeschool environment to make an impact on the world
  • Informational “must-know” lists
  • Logs and forms for tracking progress, credits, and extracurricular activities
  • College planning checklist . . . and even a packing list
  • Bible reading schedules and prayer journal pages
  • Editable address book
  • And MORE . . .

What makes the 2019-20 High School Schoolhouse Planner unique?

  • ALL forms – calendars, planning and goal sheets, attendance records, course activity logs, book lists, and more-are fully customizable and editable
  • Navigation is a cinch with the detailed table of contents
  • Save information on your device or print as needed
  • Flexibility to change your educational plan on the fly
  • Create academic transcripts and portfolios with ease