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Reader's Theatre

Length: 76 scripts
Includes: Scripts designed for 2 or more readers
Age/Grade: Elementary

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How to Use This Course

Reader’s Theater is a series of short scripts designed to be read by two or more students. Memorization is not required because the focus on this form of drama is on reading the work with expression rather than reciting it. They are easily adapted to single-child households by having a parent read opposite the child or by having the child read the play in two different “voices.” Be sure to download the Introduction, Tips, and How-Tos from the Course Details tab. You’ll find the link under Course Introduction.

Course Introduction

Reader’s Theater is the oral presentation of a written work that is performed with two or more readers. Memorization is not required because the focus of this form of drama is on reading the work with expression rather than reciting it. The readers help the audience to understand and visualize the text through their vocal performance.

There are many benefits of using Reader’s Theater: it gives purpose to reading; it helps children develop reading fluency through repetition; it increases comprehension since the text must be interpreted for performance; it motivates children to read; it improves not only reading skills, but listening and speaking skills as well; it encourages children to work together; and it helps increase self-confidence.

Download – Reader’s Theater Introduction, Tips, and How-Tos

76 scripts for one, two, three, or more readers.

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