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One of the most important subjects, but perhaps most overlooked, is that of health and fitness. If our families aren’t healthy, then nothing is accomplished. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to eat right and exercise. Our homeschool health curriculum covers the basics of health and nutrition, including hygiene, nutrients, mental healthy, safety, and more. We even have a fitness course for the whole family taught by a professional fitness instructor.

Please use the key below to see what components a class includes. Please note: the class will contain a combination of the components listed.

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Homeschool Health Curriculum

We know how hard it can be to find homeschool health curriculum! Let us help you on your family's fitness journey with courses ranging from Kindergarten Health to Family Fitness. Take a look at a few of our health and fitness courses and then dive in and explore all has to offer!

Get your little ones off to a good start with Kindergarten Health. This health course gently introduces the importance of nutrition, sleep, hygiene, and exercise to students in a fun, brightly illustrated way that includes fun activities.

Can your upper elementary students spot a dangerous situation before it's too late? Do they know how to respond when someone is in trouble? Preventing and Responding to Emergencies is designed to introduce upper elementary students to ways they can prevent, identify, and treat a variety of emergencies. This course should be studied with parents, and it is not intended to give medical advice or work as a substitute for formal emergency training.

Are you looking for some ways your whole family can work together toward better health and nutrition? Try Family Nutrition or Nourishing Nuggets. Family Nutrition helps students learn the basics of nutrition and how small changes now can help them be healthier and more fit as time goes on. This class does not advocate an overnight change in eating habits but supplies information that can be incorporated as each family desires in order to help each member of the family find healthy changes that can be implemented and lived with over a lifetime. The point of this class is to learn and use what works for you. Nourishing Nuggets  is a family health course that looks at the basics of nutrition such as macro- and micronutrients and then moves into studying what we eat and drink for various meals and snacks throughout the day. Many teacher helps and suggestions are given to help the parent lead their family on a mission to make healthier meal plans and choices together.

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