Growing Healthy in Second Grade -

Growing Healthy in Second Grade

Length: 9 weeks
Includes: Printable lessons
Age/Grade: 2nd Grade
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How to Use This Course

This course includes nine lessons, which can be done once weekly or at any pace that fits your schedule. It explores food groups and the importance of a balanced diet, hygiene and staying safe, and using good manners in various situations.

Course Introduction

What are manners, and why are they important? Are all germs bad? How can we keep from spreading bad germs? These are just a few of the questions students can answer through Growing Healthy in Second Grade.

  • Week One: Review of Growing Healthy in First Grade
  • Week Two: Food Groups
  • Week Three: Balanced Diet
  • Week Four: Hygiene, Keeping Clean, and Stopping the Spread of Germs
  • Week Five: Bad Weather Safety
  • Week Six: Using Manners at Home
  • Week Seven: Good Manners Away From Home
  • Week Eight: Good Table Manners
  • Week Nine: Good Phone Manners

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