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Family Fitness

Length: 3 Modules
Includes: Videos, Lessons and Activities
Age/Grade: Family

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How to Use This Course

Family Fitness by Bethany Learn on is a series of lessons for parents to read and use as they determine best. These lessons and videos can be used to teach children about the importance of movement in keeping the muscles healthy. They can also be used to show the importance of setting goals and patterns that are healthy, such as allowing time for a walk, a bike ride, or some other physical activity that can be done independently or together as a family. Videos are included, along with printouts to help you work with your family in areas such as posture, the core muscles, exercise, and more. The classes are best used sequentially at first in order to build an understanding of the areas that can be worked with, but each video and lesson can be reviewed individually as needed if you continue to use the course as a fitness class with your family.

Course Introduction

Fitness isn’t just about movement, and this home education course will open the eyes of your precious family to all the amazing ways that everyday movements and postures affect our choices, and how our choices affect our movements.

I will help you explore everything from alignment and goal-setting to attitude and some basic nutrition.

The teaching portion of each lesson is for you, the parent, to read and decide what to discuss with your children. Each one is slightly different, with the core as the common theme throughout. You may put all of the information into your own words and decide how to apply and share the information with your family.

Also: Please notice the printouts on the inside lesson page . . . these will be great helps so that you can chart your progress! There is a link for the printouts near the bottom of the lesson page.

I hope you’ll discover that the new tools I’m giving you will truly transform you from the inside out . . . and the outside in. Each module’s video and further resources can be found at the website given to you with the lessons inside.

You’ll find the password for the videos with each module’s instructions as part of the weekly lessons.(There is one video per module.) Simply go “inside” to the member lessons and get started!

Happy Exercising!

Bethany Learn

Lesson instruction provided through the use of professional videos, printouts, and physical activities.

Module 1: Making Time for Movement

  • Lesson 1: Goal setting, scheduling, and prioritizing movement
  • Lesson 2: Creating patterns of movement
  • Lesson 3: Firming up habits; habits that firm us
  • Lesson 4: Breaking barriers

Module 2: The Core of Fitness and Strength

  • Lesson 1: Where is your core? What does it do?
  • Lesson 2: Posture and your core
  • Lesson 3: Fixing a broken core
  • Lesson 4: Core attitude

Module 3: The Structure of our Bodies in Fitness (aka “Fit Bones”)

  • Lesson 1: Alignment and our bones
  • Lesson 2: Alignment and our muscles
  • Lesson 3: Alignment and our mood
  • Lesson 4: Alignment and your core canister

For a printable course outline, click here.

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