Health 101 -

Health 101

Length: 12 Monthly Units | 32 Weekly Lessons
Includes: Text-based Lessons
Age/Grade: Middle School
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How to Use This Course

Health 101 is a health class designed for students in 6th-8th grade. Each week will include a printable lesson with links to additional resources. The class will begin by defining what health is, then proceed to discover how to keep various systems of your body healthy. There will also be a discussion of personal hygiene and care.

Course Introduction

Hi everyone! I am thrilled to be here and to offer Health 101 to your children. I am a New England native and love our four seasons. I am a nurse with over 20 years of experience both in nursing and education in the health field. I work full time as a Director of Nursing. I love nursing for so many reasons, but especially because I am able to teach every day. Teaching has always been one of my passions. I am now fortunate to say that my other full-time job is being a mother to a 15- and a 12-year-old, who are new to homeschooling as well. I have always dedicated myself to educating others, and I am pleased to be able to help you and your children in their education.

In Health 101 for seventh and eighth graders, students will learn about how important it is to be healthy. They will learn how the choices they make will affect their growing bodies now and later in life.

We are going to review various topics over the next 32 weeks. Each unit will cover a specific topic for students to review, research, read, study, and enjoy. What better way to learn than when you are having fun, right?

Unit 1: What is Health?
Unit 2: What is Nutrition?
Unit 3: Nutritional Needs of a Teen
Unit 4: Healthy Food Choices
Unit 5: Personal Hygiene
Unit 4: Dental Health
Unit 5: Heart Health
Unit 6: Muscle Health
Unit 7: Exercise and Fitness
Unit 8: Brain Health
Unit 9: Good Mental Health
Unit 10: Personal Safety
Unit 11: Staying Healthy
Unit 12: Personal Health Care

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