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Family Nutrition

Length: 14 Weeks
Includes: Lessons, Worksheets, Recipes and More!
Age/Grade: Family
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How to Use This Course

Family Nutrition as presented by Jennifer Needham on helps students learn the basics of nutrition and how small changes now can help them be healthier and more fit as time goes on. This class does not advocate an overnight change in eating habits but supplies information that can be incorporated as each family desires in order to help each member of the family find healthy changes that can be implemented and lived with over a lifetime. The point of this class is to learn and use what works for you. It is best to work through these classes sequentially as certain terms used throughout are explained in the earlier lessons. Worksheets are included, with answer keys, along with projects, recipes, and discussion activities.

Course Introduction

Parents, we all know we should eat nutritious food to keep our bodies healthy, but have you ever wondered what makes a food a healthy food? How does it qualify as “healthy”? Well, it all depends on how many good things it contains. The “good things” are called nutrients.

We’ll be learning how to make nutrients work for you by learning to recognize them and how to choose nutrient-dense foods. We’ll also talk about height, weight, and body mass index, or BMI, and how those things relate to our health, too. Let’s get started!


While all of the information presented is believed to be accurate, it is not absolutely guaranteed. Please do your own research on the topics discussed and make your own decisions for yourself and your family. Previewing the lessons before sharing them with your children is suggested. Feedback is welcome, as well as suggested corrections if you find some bit of information to be in error.

Nothing in this course is intended as medical advice or to replace the treatment or recommendations of your doctor or other health professional.

Weekly lessons including printable text, worksheets, and recipes with occasional videos and quizzes.

Introduction to Family Nutrition

  • Lesson One: An Introduction To Family Nutrition
  • Lesson Two: Sources of Nutrition Information
  • Lesson Three: Vitamins and Deceptive Food Labels
  • Lesson Four: Can You Grow It Yourself?

Organic Foods

  • Lesson Five: An Introduction To Organic Foods
  • Lesson Six: How Do You Know If A Food Is Organic?
  • Lesson Seven: Why Do Organic Foods Cost More?
  • Lesson Eight: Review of Organic Foods

Food Allergies and Intolerances

  • Lesson Nine: Food Intolerances
  • Lesson Ten: Food Allergies

Nutrients and energy-dense and energy-deficient foods

  • Lesson Eleven: Introduction to Nutrients
  • Lesson Twelve: Nutrient Density
  • Lesson Thirteen: Height, Weight, and BMI, Part One
  • Lesson Fourteen: Height, Weight, and BMI, Part Two

** Also included in our lessons will be healthy recipes to try, hands-on activities for your kids, and suggestions for applying your nutrition knowledge at the grocery store! **

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