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Hands-On Architecture

Length: 27 weekly lessons
Includes: Printable lessons
Age/Grade: Lower elementary-middle school

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How to Use This Course

Hands-On Architecture is a series of three units (Unit 1-Structures; Unit 2-Homes; Unit 3-Zoos). Each unit contains nine lessons that include suggested projects. Unit 1 includes three downloads: Lessons 1-10 (9 weeks and a bonus project), Step-by-Step Lesson Photos, and Student Projects. Unit 2 includes three downloads: Lessons 1-9, Teacher Examples, and Student Projects. Unit 3 includes two downloads: Lessons 1-9 and Student Work.

Printing the Step-by-Step Photos/Teacher Examples and Student Projects is optional; you may wish to have your students simply view them on the computer. Parents may want to consider not showing Mrs. G.’s student examples to their children until they try their hand at it first. That way, they can explore their individual ideas, but you know your children best!

Course Introduction

Hands-On-Architecture taught by Amy Gillispie (Mrs. G.) on SchoolhouseTeachers.com provides step-by-step architecture lessons in many different mediums for the lower elementary through middle school student. The nine lessons need to be followed in order for each course.  After finishing the first course, the second and third courses may be taken in any sequence.

Hands-On-Architecture Unit 1 will introduce students to exciting, easy-to-find materials they will use to make fun architectural structures.

Hands-On-Architecture Unit 2 will lead students through the design of their own HOME in nine lessons.  Students may use the materials from the first course or a medium of their choice. Minecraft, SketchUp, poster board, clay, and plastic building bricks are some materials that have been used in the past.

Hands-On-Architecture Unit 3 is a nine-lesson course that will lead students through the design of a ZOO!  Students may use a medium of their choice to model their zoo.

Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 3 each contain nine printable lessons along with step-by-step photos where needed and samples of prior student’s work.

Unit One: Structures

  • Lesson One: The Point
  • Lesson Two: Lines
  • Lesson Three: Planes
  • Lesson Four: Volumes
  • Lesson Five: Plans, Sections, and Elevations
  • Lesson Six: Shapes in Architecture
  • Lesson Seven: Wood
  • Lesson Eight: Building with Food
  • Lesson Nine: Putting It All Together
  • Bonus Lesson: Additional Project Ideas

Unit Two: Homes

  • Lesson One: Getting Started/Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Lesson Two: The Family Room
  • Lesson Three: The Entrance Space
  • Lesson Four: The Schoolroom/Office
  • Lesson Five: Bathrooms/Laundry Room
  • Lesson Six: Bedrooms
  • Lesson Seven: Front and Back Yard Designs
  • Lesson Eight: What’s Next?
  • Lesson Nine: The Last Step

Unit Three: Design Your Own Zoo

  • Lesson One: Entrance
  • Lesson Two: Australian Habitat
  • Lesson Three: Asian Habitat
  • Lesson Four: Antarctica Habitat
  • Lesson Five: European Habitat
  • Lesson Six: African Habitat
  • Lesson Seven: South American Habitat
  • Lesson Eight: North American Habitat
  • Lesson Nine: Final Project

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