Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy -

Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy

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Length: 18 lessons
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 9th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

This course is presented from a Biblical worldview and will introduce students to Biblical and current worldviews and philosophies. It is designed to help students recognize their own worldview and philosophy and equip them to compare, develop, and defend a position that is reasonable, realistic, and theologically sound. Students will learn to be able to trace the history of western philosophy from its Greek origins. This course is based on independent research. Material and links are given to guide students to resources, but students must investigate and read various related resources to gain a thorough understanding of the topics discussed. 

Course Introduction

The first nine lessons focus on worldview, especially from a Biblical standpoint. A worldview is simply the way you view the world, the basic assumptions you have about life and how it works. A worldview is your understanding of reality. Often, people don’t even realize they have a worldview, or that others may have a differing worldview. Understanding your own view of the world will help you to recognize flaws, both in your own thinking and in the information you study.

The second set of nine lessons focuses on the history of philosophy. Philosophy is the study of the way the world works. As you study these ideas, you will need to think, reflect, write, and discuss the information you gather. Plan to discuss what you are learning with your parents, pastor, youth leader, or other Godly adults whom you respect.

Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy, Part I

  • Lesson One: Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy
  • Lesson Two: Cause and Effect; Reason and Order
  • Lesson Three: Finding Meaning
  • Lesson Four: My Life with Purpose
  • Lesson Five: Discerning True Morality
  • Lesson Six: Why Evil? Why Suffering?
  • Lesson Seven: Dealing with Death
  • Lesson Eight: Where Are You Going?
  • Lesson Nine: My Worldview

Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy, Part II

  • Lesson Ten: Early Greek Philosophers: Pre-Socratics
  • Lesson Eleven: Early Greek Philosophers: Socratics
  • Lesson Twelve: Early Greek Philosophers: Hellenistic
  • Lesson Thirteen: Early Greek Philosophers: Roman
  • Lesson Fourteen: Medieval Period
  • Lesson Fifteen: The Renaissance
  • Lesson Sixteen: Early Modern Period
  • Lesson Seventeen: Modern: 19th-20th Centuries
  • Lesson Eighteen: Where Do You Stand?

Upon successful completion of all lessons, your child will earn the equivalent of 0.5 credits.

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