Learning About Character Traits

Length: 40 weekly lessons
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 1st – 4th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Through books and discussion time, and a notebook, children will learn about forty different character traits, their positive or negative aspects, and how that trait is exhibited by various people and characters.

Course Introduction

This course has been designed to help students begin to think about and discuss forty different character traits. Designed for grades 3-6, both positive and negative traits will be introduced, and students will be required to make connections to their own lives as well as to literature. This course may easily be adapted for families with children of multiple ages. You may also use it in the context of family reading time!

Suggested timeline for each unit: Do one unit each week.

Monday: Go over that week’s character trait and discuss it. Choose a book (from the suggested book list or of your own choosing) and begin reading.

Tuesday: Complete the first two sections on page 2 of the unit. Reread your book (or) continue reading if you are reading a chapter book.

Wednesday: Complete the rest of page 2. Reread your book (or) continue reading. Discuss what character you are planning to use to complete page 3 and why.

Thursday-Friday: Reread your book (or) finish reading it. Complete page 3. Revisit your answers on the last section on page 2. Are there any you would change? Discuss.

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Lesson One: Grateful
Lesson Two: Greedy
Lesson Three: Confident
Lesson Four: Sincere
Lesson Five: Diligent
Lesson Six: Hopeless
Lesson Seven: Courageous
Lesson Eight: Optimistic
Lesson Nine: Pessimistic
Lesson Ten: Compassionate
Lesson Eleven: Fearless
Lesson Twelve: Persistent
Lesson Thirteen: Impatient
Lesson Fourteen: Ambitious
Lesson Fifteen: Stubborn
Lesson Sixteen: Forgiving
Lesson Seventeen: Loyal
Lesson Eighteen: Arrogant
Lesson Nineteen: Wise
Lesson Twenty: Generous
Lesson Twenty-One: Perseverance
Lesson Twenty-Two: Integrity
Lesson Twenty-Three: Analytical
Lesson Twenty-Four: Demanding
Lesson Twenty-Five: Considerate
Lesson Twenty-Six: Tolerant
Lesson Twenty-Seven: Overbearing
Lesson Twenty-Eight: Indecisive
Lesson Twenty-Nine: Independent
Lesson Thirty: Persuasive
Lesson Thirty-One: Anxious
Lesson Thirty-Two: Passionate
Lesson Thirty-Three: Equitable
Lesson Thirty-Four: Cooperative
Lesson Thirty-Five: Responsible
Lesson Thirty-Six: Witty
Lesson Thirty-Seven: Deceptive
Lesson Thirty-Eight: Authoritative
Lesson Thirty-Nine: Efficient
Lesson Forty: Extravagant

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