Bible Study for Preteens

Length: Eighteen-week study for girls or ten-week study for boys
Includes: Printable daily lessons
Age/Grade: Elementary and Middle School

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How to Use This Course

The Bible Study for Preteens series is designed to help students grow deeper roots by studying God’s Word. Daily studies take students into the Old Testament through the lives of Rebekah, Ruth, Hannah, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Daniel, and Jonah and begin the New Testament with a study of Lazarus’ sister Mary. Some studies are designed for both boys and girls to enjoy; others are designed with girls in mind. See the Course Outline for a breakdown.

Course Introduction

Bible Study for Preteens is a great first in-depth Bible study for this age group. It takes readers through a portion of the Bible, leaving them with a feeling of success and training them how to study their Bibles. The reading passages are divided into manageable chunks. Each Bible study includes word checks with definitions to aid in understanding. Each also includes relevant and thoughtful questions throughout. Short answer responses versus long writing assignments are utilized to make the study fun and not overwhelming.

Printable daily lessons.

For Girls:

  • Rebekah: Genesis 24:1-67 (5 days)
  • Ruth (10 days)
  • Hannah: 1 Samuel 1-2 (5 days)
  • Nehemiah (15 days)
  • Esther (10 days)
  • Job (10 days)
  • Daniel 2: Daniel and the King’s Dream (8 days)
  • Daniel 10: Daniel and the Battling Angels (8 days)
  • Jonah and the Great Fish (10 days)
  • Mary: Lazarus’ Sister (8 days) 

For Boys:

  • Nehemiah (15 days)
  • Job (10 days)
  • Daniel 2: Daniel and the King’s Dream (8 days)
  • Daniel 10: Daniel and the Battling Angels (8 days)
  • Jonah and the Great Fish (10 days)

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Kathy Hutto is a Christian homeschooling mother of two. She enjoys writing curricula for homeschool and mission...

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