Worldviews, World Religions, & Cults -

Worldviews, World Religions, & Cults

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Length: 92 lectures, 81+ hours
Includes: Audio-based lectures
Age/Grade: 11th – 12th Grades

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How to Use This Course

This in-depth worldviews course begins with a look at numerous worldviews, followed by a study of world religions from a Christian perspective, an overview of modern-day cults, and a look at worldview apologetics. It concludes with an in-depth study of refuting the modern-day cults previously introduced as well as several additional topics.

Course Introduction

Does the Bible really matter, and what is the difference between what one person believes and another? Won’t all roads eventually lead to God? This in-depth course challenges students to think critically about the Christian faith and the challenges brought by modern religions and cults. Lectures are delivered in audio format, and students are required to create a written record of what they learn.

  • Worldviews, Parts 1-14
  • World Religions, Parts 1-17
  • Cults, Part 1: Introduction
  • Cults, Parts 2-4: Mormonism
  • Cults, Part 5: Mormonism, Scientology
  • Cults, Part 6: Theosophy, Moon, The Way International
  • Cults, Parts 7-9: Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Cults, Part 10: Christian Science
  • Cults, Part 11: Unity School, 7th
  • Cults, Part 12: 7th Day Adventist, Jesus Only, Children of God
  • Worldview Apologetics: Biblical Defense of Trinity
  • Worldview Apologetics: How America Should Respond to Terrorism
  • Worldview Apologetics: Why the Early Church Rejected the Gnostic Gospels
  • Worldview Apologetics: Re-Dating the Gospels
  • Worldview Apologetics: Depraved New World
  • Worldview Apologetics: Did Jesus Really Exist?
  • Advanced Cults I, Parts 1-24
  • Advanced Cults II, Parts 1-2: Introduction
  • Advanced Cults II, Parts 3-6: Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Advanced Cults II, Parts 7-10: Mormonism
  • Advanced Cults II, Parts 11-12: Seventh Day Adventism
  • Advanced Cults II, Part 13: Christian Science and Unity School
  • Advanced Cults II, Part 14: Children of God, Hare Krishna, and Transcendental Meditation
  • Advanced Cults II, Part 15: Theosophy and Kabbala
  • Advanced Cults II, Part 16: Black Muslim and White Aryanism
  • Advanced Cults II, Part 17: Church Universal and Triumphant
  • Advanced Cults II, Part 18: Free Masonry
  • Advanced Cults II, Part 19: The New Age Movement

If this course is taken in full, spending approximately 90 hours completing all assignments, it will count for .5 high school credit.

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