Dr. Phil Fernandes

Lesson Designer

Dr. Phil Fernandes is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship and the founder and president of the Institute of Biblical Defense, an apologetics ministry which trains Christians in the defense of the Christian Faith.

He is also the head of the Masters of Apologetics program at Veritas International University and a professor of Apologetics.

Dr. Fernandes has earned doctorate degrees in Philosophy of Religion and Theological Studies. He has studied Apologetics under leading Apologists Gary Habermas and Norman Geisler, and has publicly debated some of America’s leading atheists.

Dr. Fernandes resides in Bremerton, Washington, with his lovely wife Cathy. They have two grown daughters and three grandsons.


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Courses by Dr. Phil:

Advanced Apologetics: This in-depth apologetics course begins with an introduction to apologetics and then moves through traditional approaches to apologetics, general apologetics, foundations for apologetics, philosophical apologetics, historical apologetics, classical apologetics, and advanced apologetics.

Philosophy & Ethics: This in-depth philosophy course begins with an introduction to Christian philosophy and the philosophy of religion and then continues into a detailed study of Christian ethics. It concludes with a series of lectures exploring the history of Christian thought from Plato through the modern day.

Worldviews, World Religions, & Cults: This in-depth worldviews course begins with a look at numerous worldviews, followed by a study of world religions from a Christian perspective, an overview of modern-day cults, and a look at worldview apologetics. It concludes with an in-depth study of refuting the modern-day cults previously introduced as well as several additional topics.