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Digging for Treasure

Length: 4 units
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: Family
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How to Use This Course

This set of four Bible-themed scavenger hunts are a great way for families and small groups to have FUN digging into their Bibles. Each scavenger hunt is based around a theme: you’ll get fired up for nature, pick a parable, search for your supper, and solve a whodunit mystery.

Course Introduction

Can you solve the clues AND find all the necessary items? You’ll need your Bibles, your Bible knowledge, and your wits to solve the puzzles and complete the hunt!

Let’s take a closer look at the scavenger hunts included in this series:

  • Fired Up for Nature: This outdoor scavenger hunt incorporates nature-themed Scripture as clues. The game’s organizer decorates a bush with flame-like paper-craft ornaments for players to pluck from a “burning bush.” After the game is over, kids can use their nature collections to create an original hanging-mobile project (yep, instructions are provided).
  • Pick a Parable: This scavenger hunt is based on the wonderful parables of Jesus, designed to teach the deeper meanings found within his storytelling. Players pull, from a hat or bowl, strips of paper featuring parable references. They must look up the relevant Scripture in their NIV Bibles and then find at least two items related to the parable that was picked.
  • Search for Your Supper: This scavenger hunt is a fun activity that provides recipes using only foods found in the Bible. Players have to scour the kitchen, pantry, and garden—or spin it into grocery shopping fun!—to find the correct ingredients for each dinner course. The game ends with a meal that lets kids display their culinary skills.
  • Get a Clue Whodunit: This is a scavenger hunt based on the classic board game Clue, using NIV Bible Scripture in the first line of each riddle for solving a “whodunit?” mystery: The Madcap Case of the Missing Cake. (This activity makes a terrific theme for a birthday party since cake is served at the end of the game.) Be sure to thoroughly read through all the instructions before planning your hunt, since this activity has many nuances to it, requires a few supplies, and also calls for clue cards to be hidden beforehand.

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