Kathy Hutto

Lesson Designer

Kathy Hutto is a Christian mom, author, and remote teacher with over twenty-five years of experience teaching, including homeschooling for eighteen years. She has a teaching degree with a specialty in Reading and Literacy and has published over two hundred resources for children and families, including her popular A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum and a series of Bible Studies for Preteens. Her interests include reading, writing, and spending time in the mountains.

Here are more facts about Kathy:

  • Has a BS in Education
  • Has published articles in Lifeway’s Journal, Lifeway Kids, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, Christian Living in the Mature Years, Guideposts, and more
  • Appeared on popular podcasts, including Wright Where You Are, Women Living Well, Coffee and Bible Time, and Schoolhouse Rocked
  • Provides resources and blogs at kathyahutto.com


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Courses by Kathy:

The Bible Study for Preteens series is designed to help students grow deeper roots by studying God’s Word. Daily studies take students into the Old Testament through the lives of Rebekah, Ruth, Hannah, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Daniel, and Jonah and begin the New Testament with a study of Lazarus’ sister Mary. Some studies are designed for both boys and girls to enjoy; others are designed with girls in mind. See the Course Outline for a breakdown.

Learning Across the USA: This fun ten-week course brings American geography to life with notebooking activities that explore each state. Landmarks, state birds, state flowers, capitals, famous people, major industries, fun facts, and more for each state are explored.