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Civil Rights Movement

Length: 18 Weeks
Includes: Printable Lessons
Age/Grade: Middle – High School

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How to Use This Course

This semester-long course on the Civil Rights Movement is designed to help students in 7th-9th grade understand the racial tensions that preceded the civil rights movement, learn about some of what happened during it, and become acquainted with key figures of the movement including Rosa Parks, Ralph Abernathy, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Thurgood Marshall. Reading and research assignments will be given.

Course Introduction

What brought about the Civil Rights movement? What were some of the flash points that took place during it? Who were the men and women who led the movement, and how did their beliefs differ from one another? Those are a few of the questions this semester-long study of the civil rights movement will address. Students will look at the beginning of slavery in the United States, the boycotts and sit ins, and the people involved in the movement. They will have the opportunity to read related literature, answer questions, create a timeline, think critically about what they learn, and more.

This course counts as a social studies credit. Students who complete the 18 weekly lessons, including all reading and writing assignments, and spend approximately 90 hours completing the course, may earn 0.5 academic credit.

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