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World History

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Length: 36 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 9th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

World History: A Two-Thousand-Year Tour lets students travel through time, beginning with the establishment of the Roman Republic and ending with present day. This thirty-six-week course will cover some of the major events that have happened in the world and will introduce some of the key players in those events. The lessons will afford students the opportunity to research and learn as they are directed to various websites, online videos, and books (many of which will be available at your local library). Discussion questions are provided, along with tests and essay questions.

Course Introduction

This high school world history course is different than many others available. It takes advantage of the students’ ability to research and learn as they are digging into history to find the answers to the discussion questions and to formulate their own opinions. Those students who are not accustomed to researching will, hopefully, gain a new skill that will serve them throughout their lives.

Instead of the typical textbook-style course, students will be directed to specific websites, books, videos, and other media during this course. No extra purchase is required. Many resources will be referenced so that students can use what is available to them. Study should not be limited by the resources provided in the lessons, however. Further exploration is highly encouraged! It is my hope that students will be intrigued by the events that have taken place during the last 2,000 years and the fascinating way in which so many events are connected and will desire to further their understanding of history by reading more, watching more, and listening more.

Though we could begin our study at the very beginning of time as we know it, this course will begin with the establishment of the Roman Republic. We simply do not have enough time in a thirty-six-week course to cover eight millennia, so we will cover slightly more than two. While not every topic will be or can be covered, major events on each continent will be discussed. Some topics will cover more than one week due to their historical importance.

Students should have a globe or a large map of the world to which they can refer. Though many areas of the world have changed drastically over the course of 2000 years, the geographical position of those areas has remained the same. Historical maps will be provided in the lessons as available.

  • Week 1: Ancient Rome – Republic (500 BC to 44 BC)
  • Week 2: Ancient Rome – The Empire (44 BC- AD 36)
  • Week 3: Roman Emperors and Their Claims to Fame
  • Week 4: Britannia and Roman Rule
  • Week 5: Constantine, Division, and the Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Week 6: Test & Review
  • Week 7: Barbarians and Byzantium
  • Week 8: The Middle Ages
  • Week 9: The Silk Road and the Rise of Islam
  • Week 10: The Vikings
  • Week 11: Closing the Chapter on the First Millennium
  • Week 12: Test 2
  • Week 13: The Crusades
  • Week 14: Mongols
  • Week 15: The Shogunate, the Samurai, and the Ninja
  • Week 16: Two Scots, a Plague, and a War
  • Week 17 Royals and Roses, Part I
  • Week 18 Royals and Roses, Part II
  • Week 19: Test 3
  • Week 20: Age of Discovery
  • Week 21: The Renaissance
  • Week 22: Not-so-Sweet 16, Part I
  • Week 23: Not-so-Sweet 16, Part II
  • Week 24: Test
  • Week 25: Russia, a Ruler, and a Revolution, Pt. 1
  • Week 26: Russia, a Ruler, and a Revolution, Pt. 2
  • Week 27: Russia, a Ruler, and a Revolution, Pt. 3
  • Week 28: The Industrial Revolution
  • Week 29: Africa
  • Week 30: Test
  • Week 31: World War I, Part 1
  • Week 32: World War I, Part 2
  • Week 33: World War II, Part 1
  • Week 34: World War II, Part 2
  • Week 35: Reaching New Heights
  • Week 36: Test

If this course is taken in full, spending approximately 180 hours completing all assignments (two hours per day for eighteen weeks or one hour per day for thirty-six weeks), it will count for one high school credit.

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