Tammie Bairen

Executive Manager, Lesson Designer

Tammie Bairen and her husband of 25+ years live in St. Augustine, Florida. They homeschooled their three children who have since graduated. She taught co-op classes for eight years and created her own curricula for many of them. She has been writing for SchoolhouseTeachers.com for seven years—authored four courses and co-authored four more. Tammie has a love of learning, which she attributes to homeschooling. She enjoys doing research to find out new things and sharing that information with anyone who might be interested. When she is able to find some free time, she enjoys reading, building puzzles, and traveling.

Courses Taught by Tammie:

A Century of Art with Tammie Bairen explores the unique elements that contribute to the particular style, including the history, and introduces students to key artists of the time period. Each also includes an art project to familiarize students with the style. Numerous opportunities for students to explore one or more styles more deeply are provided.

Art: The Timeless Treasure with Tammie Bairen discusses characteristics of the style; art, architecture, sculpture; artists and architects; and each lesson includes a wide variety of activities. Each also includes an art project to familiarize students with the style. Numerous opportunities for students to explore one or more styles more deeply are provided.

Introduction to Architecture with Tammie Bairen is a thirty-six week class that discusses some basic components of architecture as well as various structures including skyscrapers, bridges, cathedrals, homes, castles, and sports arenas. Students will learn about various aspects of each structure, including the marvel of its inception at that particular point in history, its function, the architects (where applicable) responsible for its creation, and the science behind its stability.

World History: This high school world history course is different than many others available. It takes advantage of the students’ ability to research and learn as they are digging into history to find the answers to the discussion questions and to formulate their own opinions. Those students who are not accustomed to researching will, hopefully, gain a new skill that will serve them throughout their lives.

Courses Co-Authored by Tammie:

Everyday Easels presents art in the context of other subjects to help those students whose interest in art may only be piqued by understanding the story behind the art or by approaching the art from another direction entirely.

Let This Day in History lead you on an exploration of important events from ancient history through today with timeline figures, living book lists, short fiction, discussion questions, hands-on activities, and upper grade options.

Renaissance History: When you hear the word Renaissance, what comes to mind? Leonardo da Vinci? Michelangelo? Do you ever think of shoguns in Japan? What about the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires? Rhonda Clark and Tammie Bairen help students explore Renaissance History through an ongoing weekly series exploring Renaissance history not only in Europe, but in Africa and Asia as well. Activities include crafts, lapbooks, additional reading suggestions, and more. Since this course builds on the prior time periods covered, it is necessary to follow the lessons through sequentially.

Anatomy and Physiology begins with the levels of organization in the human body—from cells to organ systems. It then explores systems related to support and movement, the nervous and endocrine systems, the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic and immune systems, the respiratory system, and the digestive system. This 36-week course uses the OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology textbook (public domain) available through a link on the lessons page. There are discussion questions, critical thinking questions, activities, videos, and tests.