Women Through History

Length: 29 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 8th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

This course will cover women’s history from ancient times through modern history and will allow students to see the important role women have played throughout history. It will look at the lives of both famous women and ordinary citizens and examine the records they left behind. Weekly lessons will be provided, and additional reading will be suggested.

Course Introduction

This course will cover women’s history from ancient times through modern history. Until recently, women were not allowed to play a role in public life in many cultures, so their history has been less visible. This course will allow students to see the important role women have played throughout history, both as powerful people and as peasants. The course will also cover aspects of women’s history such as women’s work, whether in tasks in their households, or as rulers, authors, midwives, and many other professions. Through the use of art, maps, recipes, and writing from women in the past, students will see what women’s lives were like in the past.

*Please note: At the end of select lessons is suggested further reading. These are completely optional, and my inclusion of these titles should not be seen as an endorsement of them or their contents. These books explore culture and worldview from various points of view, and parents should only use the ones they feel are appropriate for their families. 

  • Lesson 1: Why Study Women’s History
  • Lesson 2: Women of the Far East in Ancient Societies
  • Lesson 3: Women of Ancient China
  • Lesson 4: Women of the Ancient East in Their Own Words
  • Lesson 5: Women in Ancient Africa
  • Lesson 6: Etruscan Women
  • Lesson 7: Women in the Epics and Myths of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Lesson 8: The Women of Ancient Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, and Assyria
  • Lesson 9: Getting to Know Assyrian Women Through Their Letters
  • Lesson 10: Egyptian Royal Women
  • Lesson 11: Women in Ancient Egypt
  • Lesson 12: Images of Egyptian Women
  • Lesson 13: Women of the Bible
  • Lesson 14: Viking Women in Medieval Times
  • Lesson 15: Women in England in Medieval Times
  • Lesson 16: Native American Women
  • Lesson 17: Women During the American Revolution
  • Lesson 18: Women on the Prairie
  • Lesson 19: Women Moving West
  • Lesson 20: Women During World War I and II
  • Lesson 21: Women in the Middle East Past and Present
  • Lesson 22: Women Today in the Far East
  • Lesson 23: Women in Science
  • Lesson 24: Women Authors
  • Lesson 25: Women Missionaries
  • Lesson 26: Changes in Raising Children and Education
  • Lesson 27: Changes in Meal Preparation
  • Lesson 28: Changes in Health, Nutrition, and Medical Care
  • Lesson 29: Changes in Caring for a Home

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