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American Revolution

Length: 9 Weekly Lessons
Includes: Lessons and Assignments
Age/Grade: Middle School

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How to Use This Course

This nine-week course introduces students to the key battles and players of the Revolutionary War and incorporates history, geography, reading, critical thinking and analysis, and cursive writing throughout. An answer key is also provided.description stuff goes here

Course Introduction

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the American Revolutionary War. Through readings, research, and critical thinking and analysis, students will learn about the important military battles and various key players during the Revolutionary War.

Beginning with the first battle at Lexington and Concord, the course covers the period following the signing of the Declaration of Independence and stops at the end of the Revolutionary War with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Students are expected to read critically for this course. Short biographies of key characters are included in the course for study.

Students will be required to read and analyze quotes from primary sources for homework. These readings can be found in various places. All the material is available in A Little Book of Revolutionary QuotesVirtue, Valor & Vice (Volume 3), which can be purchased through Amazon or on my website: I have also provided an alternative method for the required readings by providing links in the course to free online sources. Students are welcome to use these links but will need to do extra research to find the material that specifically pertains to our lessons.

Printable weekly lessons with daily readings and/or assignments

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