Ancient History: Babylonian Life and Mythology -

Ancient History: Babylonian Life and Mythology

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Length: 18 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 10th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Babylon appears frequently in our study of history and the Bible. But who were the ancient Babylonians, what were their lives like, and what can we learn from the records they left behind? This class takes a closer look at this ancient empire through text-based lessons, maps, and more.

*Please note, while this course does cover Babylonian mythology, it does so from a Christian worldview. The Babylonian myths are not presented as Truth, simply what the people believed at that time.

Course Introduction

The land of Babylon figures prominently in world history as well as countless passages in the Bible. This ancient history course looks at the daily lives of the ancient Babylonians as well as the mythology they believed and its impact on history. We’ll take a closer look at the Babylonian’s system of writing, method of education, practices concerning marriage and family life, and much more. We’ll also take some time to compare Babylonian stories and how they may have been influenced by Biblical accounts. Come and join us as we investigate this ancient empire.

  • Lesson One: Mesopotamia
  • Lesson Two: Part One of the Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Lesson Three: Part Two of the Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Lesson Four: Cuneiform Writing
  • Lesson Five: Lush Gardens of Babylon
  • Lesson Six: The Great City of Babylon Today
  • Lesson Seven: Biblical Prophecy Fulfilled
  • Lesson Eight: Nimrod and Hammurabi
  • Lesson Nine: Nebuchadnezzer II and the Merodachs
  • Lesson Ten: Temples, Ziggurats, and the Tower of Babel
  • Lesson Eleven: Love, Babies, Women, and Marriage
  • Lesson Twelve: War, Warriors, Death, and Burial
  • Lesson Thirteen: Babylonian Creation and Flood Myths
  • Lesson Fourteen: The Gods: Marduk
  • Lesson Fifteen: The Gods: Inanna and Dumuzid
  • Lesson Sixteen: The Gods: Underworld gods
  • Lesson Seventeen: Astrology in Ancient Babylon
  • Lesson Eighteen: Exam

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