Rebbecca Devitt

Lesson Designer

Rebecca Devitt lives in Australia with her husband and two children. She was homeschooled and now homeschools her own children. To help other homeschooling families, Rebecca created The Homeschool Parenting Program and published Why on Earth Homeschool: The Case for Australian Christian Homeschooling, which is applicable to Christians from any country. Her interests include gardening, studying Latin, playing the piano, and cooking.

Here are more facts about Rebecca:

  • Has a BA in Medical Science
  • Has a Certificate in Legal Studies
  • Has a Diploma in Nursing (DIP)
  • Encourages homeschool families at note: External links may be automatically included within third party websites; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by nor by the lesson designer of any products, services, or opinions of the corporation, organization, or individual. Parents may wish to preview all links because third-party websites include ads that may change over time.

Course by Rebbecca

Ancient History: Babylonian Life and Mythology: Babylon appears frequently in our study of history and the Bible. But who were the ancient Babylonians, what were their lives like, and what can we learn from the records they left behind? This class takes a closer look at this ancient empire through text-based lessons, maps, and more.