Rebbecca Devitt

Lesson Designer

Rebbecca Devitt grew up as an enthusiastic homeschooler in a Christian home group. She feels overwhelmingly blessed by her parents, who pulled her out of school after three years to homeschool. She hopes to share the joys of homeschooling with others.

She enjoys being a keen advocate of homeschooling in Australia and lobbies state and federal governments on this topic. Rebbecca married Tristan Devitt in 2013 and has one rabbit, Chester, who lives on her balcony. She has two brothers and two sisters-in-law in addition to many “cousins” from her homeschool group.

Rebbecca works as an Enrolled Nurse. She’s studied a degree in the medical sciences, along with one year of medical school. She dabbles in law, but writing has stolen her heart. Most importantly, Rebbecca remains committed to studying the Word of God and tries to immerse herself in it regularly, finding Biblical reasons for all she does, such as homeschooling. Checkout Rebbecca’s website at

Course taught by Rebbecca

Ancient History: Babylonian Life and Mythology: Babylon appears frequently in our study of history and the Bible. But who were the ancient Babylonians, what were their lives like, and what can we learn from the records they left behind? This class takes a closer look at this ancient empire through text-based lessons, maps, and more.