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Church History

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Length: 12 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 9th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Church History begins with the foundations of the church in the Old Testament and continues through to the present day. Weekly text-based lessons are each broken into four daily assignments and will involve adding dates to timelines, making maps, reading works from all periods of history, and short-answer writing to provoke thought and deeper comprehension while students read.

Course Introduction

Church history studies the roots and origin of the Christian church. However, the study is not limited to the church itself, but to all influences in history that have impacted the church, and likewise, the movements in history that the church has impacted.

Our study will begin in the Old Testament to provide us with the necessary background to the formation of the New Testament Church around 33 AD and will continue on to present day.

This class has been prepared with special consideration to Christians of all denominations and without intentional bias to one Christian group over another. Students will be studying church history from the men and women who were present in the different ages of history and recorded it themselves. Students will study the development of all prominent denominations.

As such, students and parents should be aware that some of the reading material will present a worldview that is disagreeable to you. To teach church history in light of all of the historical evidence and to thoroughly understand how the church got its shape, it is necessary for students to read some texts that present a different worldview. Some of the works will be agreeable to all Christians; some will be disagreeable to all Christians. Others were written unfavorably to specific denominations. All of these works will be highlighted and will have a warning beside the referral, stating which groups may be sensitive to the material.

Regular weekly assignments will involve adding dates to timelines, making maps, reading works from all periods of history, and short-answer writing to provoke thought and deeper comprehension while students read.

Printable weekly lessons, each broken into four daily assignments.

  • Week One
    • Day One: Introduction to Church History
    • Day Two: The Non-Negotiable Doctrines of the Church
    • Day Three: Old Testament, Part One
    • Day Four: Old Testament, Part Two
  • Week Two
    • Day One: Where Did Our Worship Services Come From?
    • Day Two: Setting the Stage, Part One
    • Day Three: Setting the Stage, Part Two
    • Day Four: The History of Christ’s Coming, Part One
  • Week Three
    • Day One: The Independent Christian Church
    • Day Two: The Origin of Christian Persecution and Church Discipline
    • Day Three: The Origin of Church Offices and Conversion of All Who Seek
    • Day Four: The Origin of Evangelism and Meeting on Sundays
  • Week Four
    • Day One: After the Apostles – Ephesus
    • Days Two and Three: After the Apostles – Corinth
    • Day Four: After the Apostles – Philippi
  • Week Five
    • Day One: Where Did the Bible Come from?
    • Day Two: Development of the Canon
    • Day Three: Persecution, Controversy, and Apologists
    • Day Four: Apologists
  • Week Six
    • Day One: Councils of the Early Church, Part 1
    • Day Two: Councils of the Early Church, Part Two
    • Day Three: The Great Writers of Early Church History
    • Day Four: The Churches of East and West
    • Day Five: Charlemagne and the Crusades
  • Week Seven
    • Day One: The Vernacular Bible
    • Day Two: The Soaring Power of Catholicism and Protestantism
    • Day Three: Reform and New Roots
    • Day Four: The Reformation
  • Week Eight
    • Project: Your Perspective of the Reformation
  • Week Nine
    • Days One-Three: The Flight from Persecution—Queen Mary of Scots
    • Days Four-Five: The First Christian Country and the Great Protestant Controversy
  • Week Ten
    • Days One-Three: New Denominations and Catholic Persecution
    • Days Four-Five: Atheism of the West and Christianity of the East
  • Weeks Eleven – Twelve
    • Days One-Three: The Church and Modernism–The Fight for Relevancy
    • Final Project: Week Eleven Days Four-Five and Week Twelve

As presented, the course includes approximately 28 hours of video instruction. If additional projects are completed, such as the provided worksheets, as well as additional independent reading, research papers, presentations, etc., on themes related to this study that brings the course to a total of 60-90 hours, the course may be worth .5 academic credit.

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