Beginning Latin -

Beginning Latin

Length:  24 weeks
Content-type: Video-based
Age/Grade: 3rd – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Beginning Latin is a full-year course designed to be taken by children of any age. Twenty-four lessons are designed to last a full year and introduce your students to nouns, verbs, verb tenses, adjectives, and adverbs, as well as noun declensions. Videos, worksheets, quizzes, and answer keys are included.

Course Introduction

If Latin is a dead language, why learn it? The answers may surprise you! Join us as we learn the basic vocabulary and grammar of Latin and how we use it every day without ever realizing it.

Lesson One: Beginning Latin (New Vocabulary)
Lesson Two: English Grammar and Latin Principle Parts
Lesson Three: Latin Verbs (New Vocabulary)
Lesson Four: Latin Verbs/Tenses
Lesson Five: Present Tense (New Vocabulary)
Lesson Six: Imperfect Tense
Lesson Seven: Future Tense
Lesson Eight: Irregular Verb Sum (Present Tense)
Lesson Nine: Review
Lesson Ten: Verbs with Irregular Principle Parts
Lesson Eleven: Perfect Tense
Lesson Twelve: Pluperfect Tense
Lesson Thirteen: Future Perfect Tense
Lesson Fourteen: Irregular Verb Sum (Perfect Tense)
Lesson Fifteen: Complimentary Infinitives
Lesson Sixteen: Review of Present and Perfect System
Lesson Seventeen: Introduction to Noun Declensions
Lesson Eighteen: Vocabulary and First Declension
Lesson Nineteen: Vocabulary and Second Declension (Masculine)
Lesson Twenty: Vocabulary and Second Declension (Neuter)
Lesson Twenty-One: Vocabulary Review and Mastery of 1st and 2nd Declensions
Lesson Twenty-Two: Adjectives and Adverb Vocabulary
Lesson Twenty-Three: Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers as Adjectives
Lesson Twenty-Four: YEAR Review

This course can count as a foreign language credit if all lessons, quizzes, and worksheets are completed in a satisfactory manner.

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