Latvian -


Length:  32 weeks
Content-type: Video-based
Age/Grade: 1st – 12th Grades
Print a Certificate of Completion

How to Use This Course

This full-year Latvian course introduces students to the Latvian language, culture, and history through weekly video lessons and printable worksheets. It begins with the Latvian alphabet and then moves into words and phrases which are built upon as the year progresses. It is designed for children 4th grade and older and includes periodic review and tests.

Course Introduction

Hello! Sveiki! Welcome to Latvian.

Where is Latvia? Latvia is one of the Baltic States in Eastern Europe. Its capital city is Riga. It is surrounded by Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, and Russia, with Poland to the south. The Baltic Sea separates Latvia from Sweden. Latvia has weather equivalent approximately to Michigan and is also about the same size. Latvians live all over the world, with many communities growing together in culture and knowledge of their heritage. There are Latvian Saturday schools for preschool through elementary and summer camps for children, as well as high schools in the summer for older students. The Latvian heritage is strong and thriving. We will learn more about the culture and heritage as we move through the course.

This course is designed for students in 4th-12th grade. We will be learning from videos, web sources, worksheets, and flashcards (if you choose). We will have a few quizzes and tests for those who would like to mark their progress, as well as a certificate of completion.

With a parent’s permission, you may contact me via email, FaceTime, or Skype for questions about the work or help with pronunciation. I will not have direct contact with a student unless a parent is present. You can email me at

Weekly lessons with printable worksheets and video instruction.

Week 1: Introduction, Alphabet Video
Week 2: Alphabet Review
Week 3: Putting Letters Together
Week 4: First Words
Week 5: First Phrases
Week 6: Vocabulary & Phrases 1
Week 7: Vocabulary & Phrases 2
Week 8: Vocabulary & Phrases Review
Week 9: Vocabulary & Phrases Quiz
Week 10: Culture & History 1
Week 11: Culture & History 2
Week 12: Culture & History Review
Week 13: Culture & History Quiz
Week 14: Vocabulary & Phrases 3
Week 15: Vocabulary & Phrases 4
Week 16: Vocabulary & Phrases 3 and 4 Review
Week 17: Vocabulary & Phrases 3 and 4 Quiz
Week 18: Review and Test Week
Week 19: Vocabulary & Phrases 5
Week 20: Vocabulary & Phrases 6
Week 21: Vocabulary & Phrases Review
Week 22: Vocabulary & Phrases Quiz
Week 23: Culture & History 3
Week 24: Culture & History 4
Week 25: Culture & History Review
Week 26: Culture & History Quiz
Week 27: Vocabulary & Phrases 7
Week 28: Vocabulary & Phrases 8
Week 29: Vocabulary & Phrases Review
Week 30: Vocabulary & Phrases Quiz
Week 31: Project Week/Second Semester Review of Weeks 19-30
Week 32: Second Semester Test

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