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Spanish (Elementary)

Length: 34 Weeks
Includes: Video Lessons
Age/Grade: Elementary

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How to Use This Course

Elementary Spanish as presented by Carol Henderson on is a video-based curriculum with weekly worksheets for your student. It includes basic vocabulary, Bible verses, animals, colors, days, weather, seasons, and more in its lessons. The answers to the weekly worksheets are found in the videos, so it is possible to correct the worksheets with the information in the video. The lessons in this course should be completed consecutively as they build on one another throughout the course.

Course Introduction

Welcome to our Elementary Spanish class! I am so glad you have decided to begin your language-learning journey with me. Here are a few things you need to know:

Each lesson will be delivered in two-week cycles. Each two-week period starts with a Video Lesson the first week, followed by an On-Your-Own Review Lesson (“Homework”) the following week. Both of these have corresponding handouts to download. We will rotate between Video Lessons and the On-Your-Own Homework throughout the year.

It’s probably a good idea to have a small notebook to keep all the handouts together!

A parent should follow along with the student as he/she watches the Video Lessons. This will allow parents to help with the On-Your-Own Homework the following week.

And one more thing—the questions on the homework handout come straight from the Video Lesson. You can refer to the Video Lesson to correct your Homework!

Blessings, and enjoy our course!

Carol Henderson

Video lessons every other week; weekly worksheets.

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