Carol Henderson

Lesson Designer

Carol Henderson loves to teach and is very thankful for the privilege of homeschooling her five children for the past 20 years. Carol teaches Elementary Spanish, Hands-On History, and Geography & World Cultures in a large homeschool co-op in her hometown. She provides homeschool geography resources at Let’ She also authors and maintains the award-winning website,, which helps both homeschool moms and traditional teachers find the best books, crafts, maps, and other activities for teaching hands-on history.

Course taught by Carol

Elementary Spanish as presented by Carol Henderson on is a video-based curriculum with weekly worksheets for your student. It includes basic vocabulary, Bible verses, animals, colors, days, weather, seasons, and more in its lessons. The answers to the weekly worksheets are found in the videos, so it is possible to correct the worksheets with the information in the video. The lessons in this course should be completed consecutively as they build on one another throughout the course.