American Sign Language - ASL Adventures -

ASL Adventures

Length:  15 weeks
Content-type: Video-based
Age/Grade: 6th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

The American Sign Language course as presented by targets a beginning vocabulary of approximately 350 basic signs, the manual alphabet, grammar, and a basic understanding of the Deaf Community and culture.

As students discover and learn about the Deaf culture, it will help them use ASL appropriately and accurately. Students move on to the manual alphabet, greetings, introductions, numbers, time, holidays, and more as they progress through the course.

The lessons should be completed consecutively as they build on one another throughout the course.

Course Introduction

ASL Adventure is a 15-week, four-month course in American Sign Language, the third-most-used language in the United States. It is a unique language, distinct from English, in that it is a visual language with its own syntax, grammar, and structure. It is not English on the hands. It has been proven to be a dynamic language that changes over time. It is similar to other Signed Languages in other countries in its principles, but unique in its signs.

We will cover those principles, learning the grammar and syntax rules, a basic vocabulary of approximately 350 signs, the manual alphabet or fingerspelling, numbers, and gain a basic understanding of the Deaf Community and culture.

It is important in learning any language to understand the people group from which it originates. ASL is no different. In order to use it appropriately and accurately, an understanding of the culture is essential. The values, perspectives, and collective nature of the Deaf Community make it a unique and intriguing culture to study and understand.

Why learn ASL? It is the third-most-used language in the Unites States and accepted as foreign language credit in high schools, colleges, and universities. Research shows that babies who learn ASL along with English test in the 99th percentile in IQ testing. The language enhances cognitive processes.

Sign Language interpreting is a fascinating, rewarding career and increasingly in demand since the passage of the ADA Act in 1973, which requires public and private entities to provide for the communication needs of Deaf individuals in schools, colleges, business, medical facilities, and more. Besides, it’s beautiful and fun!

Thanks for joining me in this course!

Sandra Heflin

Video-based lessons and printable resources.

Lesson 1: Introduction (class content, supplies, resources, homework, quiz), understanding ASL/Deaf community/culture
Lesson 2: ASL parameters: using hands, face and body/family signs
Lesson 3: Statements/questions/negatives (facial expression)
Bonus Course Video: Video on Deaf culture: Deaf missions and Deaf education in Africa, including a bio of pioneer Dr. Andrew Foster
Lesson 4: Questions/facial expressions/negatives, and review
Lesson 5: Learning the manual alphabet
Lesson 6: Fingerspelling
Lesson 7: Greetings and introductions
Lesson 8: The manual alphabet, fingerspelling, cultural storytelling, conversational ASL (greetings, manners, courtesy, etc.), and practice/review with Sandra
Lesson 9: Review and practice, numbers and numbers incorporation (tense, weeks, months, years)
Lesson 10: Numbers, Part II; time (minutes, hours, etc.), holidays, and more
Lesson 11: Numbers, Part III; numbers incorporation, time (hours, minutes), holidays; “Sad Story”; and more
Lesson 12: Adjectives (colors, shapes, clothes)
Lesson 13: Adjectives (emotions, opposites), cultural information (eye contact, attention-getting, and Deaf church worship songs)
Lesson 14: Verbs (verb directionality, types of verbs)
Lesson 15: Classifiers and review of lessons 1-14

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