Helena Mednis

Lesson Designer

Helena is a proud momma of three wonderful boys, two of which have graduated their homeschool journey, and one in middle school. She is a first-generation-born Latvian here in America and has been raised immersed in the Latvian culture. Helena learned how to make gold and silver Latvian jewelry from her father, a hobby she hopes to expand on again soon. She enjoys crocheting, gardening, camping, outdoor campfires in any weather, chickens, and her sheltie.

Helena has a deep love for children and teaching them about Jesus. She has led an Awana program as a Commander and both started and directed a Christ-centered preschool that grew quickly. Helena majored in communication in community college. She went back to school in later years to take classes in early education.

Helena loves taking care of her family, whether it be the boys or her mom. She’s had the privilege of encouraging other homeschool moms new to homeschooling and relishes the opportunity to do so.

Course taught by Helena

Latvian introduces students to the Latvian language, culture, and history through weekly video lessons and printable worksheets. It begins with the Latvian alphabet and then moves into words and phrases which are built upon as the year progresses. It is designed for children 4th grade and older and includes periodic review and tests.