College Options Foundation

The Old Schoolhouse® has partnered with College Options Foundation to provide their Total College Success® subscription free to members ($75/yr. value).

This valuable Total College Success® resource includes access to:

  • Student Planning Guide
  • The Essential Guide to the ACT
  • The Essential Guide to the SAT
  • Choosing the Right College
  • College Admissions Process
  • Key Interview and Essay Skills
  • College Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Military College Funding Programs
  • Creative Options
  • College Success
  • Zero Hour Threat interactive games designed to increase standardized test scores, as well as enhance general mathematics and vocabulary skills

Step-by-step guidance, skills review and exercises, helpful videos, financial aid search tools, expert tips, interactive test practice, and more help you and your teen prepare for life after homeschool. members receive free access to the complete Total College Success® content by using the link and access key available in the Member Bonuses tab of your Member Dashboard. 

Coming Soon . . . N.A.H.C.!

The College Options Foundation is dedicated to enriching the academic development of high school students and assisting them in their preparation for higher education. Using academic competitions, college exam study guides, college admissions tutorials and personalized counseling, we have assisted thousands of students to attain their dreams of attending college.