Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

A. Sometimes we run specials on back issues and sell them at a reduced price. Email for more information.
A. Most lessons are available indefinitely. Some lesson designers appear as guest lesson designers and have their material available for a limited time. That happens very rarely, but when it does, a note will be included on the main class page letting you know the length of time the material will be available, and it's also listed on the Class Availability Page.
The digital back issues are available in the Resources for Members section.
A. We'd love to talk to you about contributing to the site! Please visit our Write for Us page and contact the Executive Manager at with questions.
A. You may email with any membership-related questions, or you may email the Executive Manager at with questions regarding content on the site.
A. You can contact the teacher through his or her email address if it has been provided, or you can email the Executive Manager at Your question will be forwarded to the Teacher, and his or her response will be shared with you. We guarantee—Teachers love to hear from members!

A. With the growth of online homeschooling programs, a new range of possibilities is open to those looking for something other than traditional schooling. There are a number of such programs available, and we have selected eight of the most popular online homeschool programs. Each one is structured to operate differently, so we have highlighted some of their similarities and differences for you in the 8 Best Online Homeschool Programs.