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All About Animals

Length: 11 units
Includes: Online readings and activities
Age/Grade: Elementary

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How to Use This Course

From jaguars to butterflies, introduce your children to a wide array of God’s creatures, where they live, what they eat, and what sets them apart from other animals. This class includes colorful text, puzzle pages, fun facts, activities, and more.

Course Introduction

The eleven units in this study include colorful text, puzzle pages, activities, and more. Topics covered include:

  • It’s a Bug’s Life: How did the rhinoceros beetle get its name? Does a centipede really have 100 feet? Can bugs learn things? Read It’s a Bug’s Life to find out! Dive into the world of the small creatures we call bugs. Take a closer look at how a bug is different from a spider and from a crab as you learn about the many colorful, fascinating, and sometimes deadly animals around us. Engaging illustrations and captions fully explain each bug.
  • Backyard Bugs: Learn about the life cycle of butterflies, the process bees go through to make honey, and many other interesting facts about insects and their habitats.
  • Forest Friends: Learn about the physical characteristics and habitats of raccoons, squirrels, woodpeckers, and other forest-dwelling animals.
  • Into the Rain Forest: Learn about the physical characteristics and habitats of jaguars, monkeys, snakes, and other animals that live in the rain forest.
  • Kits, Calves, and Cubs: Learn about the physical characteristics and habitats of thirteen baby animals, including beavers, camels, opossums, porcupines, and kangaroos.
  • Animal Babies: Learn about the different ways that animal babies live, learn, and grow.
  • Animal Homes: Learn about different kinds of animal homes, from underground tunnels to tree houses, shells, and more.
  • Rain Forest Animals: Learn about sleepy sloths, fierce jaguars, and many other exciting rain forest animals.
  • Under the Sea: Learn about giant whales, fierce sharks, tiny seahorses, and many other exciting sea creatures.
  • Wild Animals: Learn about roaring lions, huge hippos, spotted cheetahs, and many other exciting wild animals.
  • World of Insects: Learn about fierce praying mantises, busy honey bees, beautiful butterflies, and other amazing insects.
  • It’s a Bug’s Life
  • Backyard Bugs
  • Forest Friends
  • Into the Rain Forest
  • Kits, Calves, and Cubs
  • Animal Babies
  • Animal Homes
  • Rain Forest Animals
  • Under the Sea
  • Wild Animals
  • World of Insects

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