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Dinosaurs and the Bible

Length: 16 Weekly Lessons
Includes: Slideshows and Worksheets
Age/Grade: Elementary – Middle school

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How to Use This Course

Dinosaurs and the Bible is a sixteen-week course presented from a Creationist worldview. It will try to solve some of the mysteries surrounding dinosaurs and dispel some of the myths. What do believers in the Bible do with dinosaur fossils? Those who believe in the Bible have been ridiculed and misunderstood for over 250 years. This class will attempt to set the record straight.

Course Introduction

Ever since instructor Patrick Nurre discovered a dinosaur bone in the alley behind his house when he was in second grade, he has been in love with geology and earth science. But belief in dinosaurs and also in the Bible are often seen as contradictory. In Dinosaurs and the Bible, Patrick will try to set the record straight and help students solve some of the mysteries surrounding dinosaurs and dispel some of the myths. He’ll also help them be better equipped to defend their faith.

Lesson One: Myth or Mystery?
Lesson Two: Dinosaur Fossils
Lesson Three: Classifying the Dinosaurs
Lesson Four: Classifying the Dinosaurs, Continued
Lesson Five: Identifying the Dinosaurs
Lesson Six: The Dinosaur Hunters
Lesson Seven: Famous Dinosaurs
Lesson Eight: Feathered Dinosaurs?
Lesson Nine: Science or Philosophy?
Lesson Ten: The Science and Philosophy of Dinosaurs
Lesson Eleven: Noah’s Ark and the Dinosaurs
Lesson Twelve: Dinosaurs and the Genesis Flood
Lesson Thirteen: Dinosaurs and Extinction
Lesson Fourteen: Dinosaur “Firsts”
Lesson Fifteen: Big Paleontology Mistakes
Lesson Sixteen: The Dinosaur Soft Tissue Controversy

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