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Bug Science

Length: 14 weekly lessons
Includes: Weekly lessons exploring the biology of worms and their role in our environment
Age/Grade: Elementary

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How to Use This Course

If you have a student who has an interest in bugs and worms, Bug Science is a great class for them to take, and it is written with upper elementary students in mind. The classes should be followed in the order in which they are presented. Lessons include text, worksheets with answer keys, and occasional videos. There are also additional resources mentioned throughout the lessons.

Course Introduction

This is a special kind of course, so let me explain a little before we get started. My name is Rosemarie Pagano, but I won’t be the one teaching this course. The text is all presented by a character I created to share the fascinating world of worms with your students, Robin Bird, Worm Whisperer.

Robin occasionally likes to make up words—like wormology. But don’t worry—the science is clear, accurate, and fun. The course will cover 14 weeks and be structured like a unit study. There will be worksheets for review and additional resources mentioned throughout, and I’ve included a special section all about vermicomposting.

Parents, you’ll want to preview the material before sharing with your students. Occasionally, to share the wonders of worms, I have to touch on topics like their reproductive system. I’ve done my best to be tactful in how I share the material, but as always, you are the best ones to judge what is appropriate for your family.

So without further ado, let me welcome you and your students to the wonderful world of worms—the good, the bad, and the yucky!

Rosemarie Pagano has combined her fourteen weekly lessons into four easy-to-download and vividly illustrated ebooks for your students to enjoy. Now they can not only learn about but see the good, the bad, and the yucky! These four units can be broken down to meet your scheduling needs and can be studied in any order. Enjoy!

Lessons Included:

Good Worms

Robin Bird, Worm Whisperer, invites worm lovers to join her as she digs up amazing facts about the silent, hardworking Good Worms.  These terrestrial recyclers work nonstop in their silent “dirty” world. Find out how they move and groove and did you know they have 5 hearts?

Bad Worms

Robin Bird, Worm Whisperer, bravely takes us into dangerous territory.  The terrible lifestyles of these really Bad Worms will be exposed!  Prepare to be shocked and amazed at what tiny worms with a bad attitude can do!

Yucky Worms

Robin Bird, Worm Whisperer, admits that these Yucky Worms gave her the heebie-jeebies.  Are you ready for an adventure that will make you gasp and maybe even look away in horror? She needs brave junior scientists to join her and uncover more wormy mysteries in deep, dark places.

Power in the Poop!

Robin Bird, Worm Whisperer, is excited to share her knowledge about power packed Poop. Not only does it improve the soil, it packs a nutritious punch for plants.  Join Robin as she starts a worm bin.  Get up close and personal with Red Wigglers and discover there’s Power in the Poop!

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