Rosemarie Pagano

Lesson Designer

Rosemarie is passionate about education and can’t stop talking about children’s books. She encourages students to open the Lord’s love letter to us and study the Bible as a way to connect with Him. Blue gel pens, colored pencils, graph paper, and a box of sixty-four stubby crayons are a few of Rosemarie’s favorite things. Rosemarie lives in northern Illinois with her husband Rosario and a feisty Westie named Bianca. She is a writer excited about science and making complex subjects easy to understand. Her writing credits include magazine articles, press releases, and blog posts.

Courses by Rosemarie

If you have a student who has an interest in bugs and worms, Weird and Wonderful World of Worms is a great class for them to take, and it is written with upper elementary students in mind. The classes should be followed in the order in which they are presented. Lessons include text, worksheets with answer keys, and occasional videos.