Introduction to Physics Class -

Physics (Introduction)

Length: 18 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 4th – 8th Grades
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How to Use This Course

“Science Jim” Mueller’s Physics class presents concepts first (and math later), with hands-on activities and experiments, to bring those concept to life. His humorous style makes each one interesting and unique. He starts with the Scientific Method and builds form there. As students progress through the lessons in the order they are presented, they will find terms provided that will be needed to understand the physics lessons that follow. As they complete the course, their understanding of the terms used in physics will increase. Questions are presented, and answer keys are provided. If all the lessons are completed, along with all the assignments and projects, this course may earn 0.5 science credit. As always, please check your own state’s academic requirements.

Course Introduction

Welcome to an approachable, enjoyable, and effective way of learning physics. I like to call myself “Science Jim,” and I have been teaching physics to homeschool students for more than 10 years. So what makes my lessons unique?

A comfortable, humorous style.

I use an entertaining approach that makes learning physics fun!

A light-on-math approach to physics.

I teach the concepts first, the math later.

Hands-on activities and experiments.

Each lesson is filled with hands-on activities tailor-made for each lesson plan.

Lessons that build on each other.

The lessons are sequential, cumulative, and focused on very specific learning goals. Each lesson provides another step to understanding physics concepts.

So Bring Science Alive!

Reading assignments, fun experiments, and lots of humor.

Lesson 1: Scientific Method
Lesson 2: Experiment Variables
Lesson 3: Gravity
Lesson 4: Friction
Lesson 5: Velocity
Lesson 6: Newton’s First Law
Lesson 7: Acceleration
Lesson 8: Newton’s Second Law
Lesson 9: Newton’s Third Law
Lesson 10: Momentum and Impulse
Lesson 11: Force
Lesson 12: Electric Fields
Lesson 13: Electric Charge
Lesson 14: Magnetism
Lesson 15: Magnetic Field
Lesson 16: Earth’s Magnetic Field
Lesson 17: Magnetism and Electricity
Lesson 18: Speakers and Motors

If all the lessons are completed, along with all the assignments and projects, this course may earn 0.5 science credit.

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