Jim Mueller

Lesson Designer

“Science Jim” Mueller has a BA from Lake Forest College and an MS from Aurora University. He worked as an environmental educator from 1989 to 1994. The following eight years he worked at a small children’s science museum in Carbondale, Illinois, six of those years as the executive director. Since 2002, Jim has been developing and teaching a physics curriculum specifically for homeschoolers. He has created books, web sites, movies, and, most recently, live web classes for students all over the world. He uses an entertaining and humorous approach with all of his materials, which make his products quite unique in the world of education.

Science Jim, his wife, Science Mary Beth, and his kids, Science Ben and Science Sarah, live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where they enjoy their chickens, woodland wanders, music, and board games—that is, when they are not cleaning up after science experiments, of course!


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Courses by Jim

“Science Jim” Mueller’s Physics class presents concepts first (and math later), with hands-on activities and experiments, to bring those concept to life. His humorous style makes each one interesting and unique. He starts with the Scientific Method and builds form there. As students progress through the lessons in the order they are presented, they will find terms provided that will be needed to understand the physics lessons that follow. As they complete the course, their understanding of the terms used in physics will increase. Questions are presented, and answer keys are provided.