Fun with Gravity and Climate -

Fun with Gravity and Climate

Length: 13 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 2nd – 3rd Grades
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How to Use This Course

These lessons include daily Bible reading from Genesis to help children understand gravity, creation, climate, and weather from a Biblical perspective as well as daily activities to reinforce their understanding. Each week, students complete activities such as writing assignments, printable activities, creating family treats in the kitchen, conducting research, and creating projects based on their research.

Course Introduction

This course has two sections. In the first section, students study Sir Isaac Newton and gravity. The lessons discuss his contributions to science, explain the Law of Gravity, demonstrate the relationship of force to gravity, show how force and motion work together, and help students conduct scientific experiments that relate to the principles of gravity, force, and motion.

In the second section, students study climate. The lessons help students obtain and summarize simple information about the climate of different regions of the world and describe the typical weather conditions of that climate; understand the difference between weather and climate, discuss the effects of climate on plants, animals, and insects; and locate and share information about seven biomes throughout the world: polar tundra, forest, Mediterranean, desert, savanna, dry grassland, and tropical rain forest.


  • Week One: Sir Isaac Newton
  • Week Two: Gravity
  • Week Three: Law of Gravity and Law of Motion
  • Week Four: Force
  • Week Five: Motion
  • Week Six: Force, Motion, and Gravity


  • Week One: Polar Tundra
  • Week Two: Temperate Forest
  • Week Three: Mediterranean
  • Week Four: Desert
  • Week Five: Grasslands
  • Week Six: Savanna
  • Week Seven: Tropical Rain Forest

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