Dawn Quarles

Lesson Designer

Dawn is a homeschooling mother of four wonderful teenagers and is married to her best friend, Jerome Quarles. She is a native of California were she, along with her husband, ran their business as childcare providers and Christian family advisors. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas, and she and her family are enjoying exploring this new territory.

She has a strong educational background and certification in Early Childhood Development. She loves educating and inspiring young children to stay excited about learning. She encourages them, valuing every moment and seizing every opportunity to plant seeds of God’s love in their hearts so they can see all of the wonderful gifts God has graced them with. She hopes that the seed will be watered and then grow into a wonderful vessel for God’s use so that one day they will be able to bless others around them.

She enjoys hiking, road trips, writing, and fellowship with her family. She also enjoys viewing herself as her family’s personal gourmet chef. She loves cooking and utilizing her culinary skills by experimenting with international recipes on a weekly basis.

Courses Taught by Dawn:

Daily Grammar 2nd Grade: Daily worksheets help your student cover a wide range of grammar skills, including nouns, pronouns, antecedents, synonyms, antonyms, capitalization, verbs and verb tenses, adjectives, adverbs, abbreviations, periods, commas, types of sentences, and more. Answer keys are provided. The lessons are best followed in sequential order, as they build on one another. However, if you are looking for extra practice in a particular area of grammar for your student, the lessons can be done individually also.

Courses Co-Authored by Dawn:

Fun with Gravity and Climate: These lessons include daily Bible reading from Genesis to help children understand gravity, creation, climate, and weather from a Biblical perspective as well as daily activities to reinforce their understanding. Each week, students complete activities such as writing assignments, printable activities, creating family treats in the kitchen, conducting research, and creating projects based on their research.